Who are we?

HomeA young couple, that in their shared contact with dogs, found happiness and passion. Dogs have always been close to my heart. My first most awaited and dreamed dog was Mira - a labrador, brought to me by my parents when I was 13 years old. Years later, when I met my significant other and we began our life together, it became clear that in our home there must be a dog. That is when Luna appeared - a little, naughty west highland white terrier that to this day performs the role of a leader in our home. After two years we decided that four paws are not enough for us and we began our search for the ideal dog. The choice was not easy. I was fascinated by the German Great Danes while my husband was a huge fan of shepherd dogs. For a long time we could not come to an agreement until we saw, for the first time, a smiling northern dog. Barely a few months later our home welcomed Candice - a small, white fluff ball with beige ears, immediately making other family members fall for her. Our life turned upside down with each passing day we kept falling more and more in love with Samoyed dogs. We wanted more. That is how we came to be where we are today, and you know what? We want more!
Our kennel was registered in 2016 in the Polish Kennel Club. Our absolute top priority is the health and well-being of our furry friends, that is why all of our dogs are full members of our family and live together with us.
The appearance of puppies is always a big event to which we prepare with due diligence. Each litter is well-thought. It is paramount for us that each puppy leaving our kennel to be healthy, balanced and with a typical Samoyed personality. That is why parents are selected not only for their exterior but also their personality. Each one of them is checked for diseases typical to the breed. We also care for the best socialization, that is why puppies are raised in a homely environment in full contact with all household members, getting used from the very beginning to everyday living conditions. All of this to ensure they have as stress-free as possible start in their new homes.
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